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1 the side of military or naval formation; "they attacked the enemy's right flank" [syn: wing]
2 a subfigure consisting of a side of something
3 a cut from the fleshy part of an animal's side between the ribs and the leg
4 the side between ribs and hipbone v : be located at the sides of something or somebody

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From Late flanc, from flanc, from a source, probably Frankish *hlanca


  • /flæŋk/ /fl

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Chateaubriand, advance against, advance upon, advocate, bank, beam, bear down upon, blade roast, border, breast, brisket, broadside, champion, cheek, chop, chuck, chuck roast, circle, circuit, circuiteer, circulate, circumambulate, circummigrate, circumnavigate, circumvent, clod, close the circle, coast, cold cuts, come full circle, compass, counterattack, cycle, defend, describe a circle, drive, edge, encircle, encompass, filet mignon, gas, girdle, girdle the globe, go about, go around, go round, go the round, guard, guard against, gyre, hand, handedness, haunch, hip, infiltrate, jowl, knuckle, lap, laterality, launch an attack, line, loin, make a circuit, many-sidedness, march against, march upon, mount an attack, multilaterality, open an offensive, orbit, outflank, planking, plate, plate piece, pot roast, profile, protect, push, quarter, rack, revolve, rib roast, ribs, roast, rolled roast, round, rump, rump roast, saddle, safeguard, screen, secure, shank, shield, shore, short ribs, shoulder, shoulder clod, side, siding, sirloin, skirt, spiral, strike, surround, temple, tenderloin, thrust, unilaterality, wheel
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